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3M  Large Silicone Full Face Reusable Facepiece offers a secure fit for maximum protection. Light silicone Facepiece helps improves durability and comes with a double-flap face seal, nose cup, six adjustable straps and works conveniently with 3M  filters 2000 series, 3M  cartridges 6000 series, 3M  cartridges and filters 7000 series. A snug fit is provided by the double-flange face seal and six adjustable straps. Ideal for applications such as painting, welding, abatement, wood processing, metal working, automotive manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, nuclear, utilities and primary metal manufacturing. The extra-large inhalation and exhalation valves make breathing easier while the speaking diaphragm allows Easy communication. Facepiece has a large face shield with scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens and is available in 11 different modes from negative pressure air purifying to SCBA. It is an excellent choice for standardizing your entire facility's respiratory requirements. Respirator offers protection against a variety of gases, vapors and particulates. It is NIOSH approved.

3M Large Silicone Ultimate Full Face 7000 Series

SKU: 7800S-L
  • 3M Large Silicone Ultimate Full Face 7000 Series Reusable Facepiece With 6 Point Harness And Bayonet Connection
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