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3M Versaflo S-series Medium/Large White High Durability Hood is made of polyurethane coated knitted nylon for comfort usage and has soft comfort pads to provide proper fit, stability and tracking. Hood is compatible with certain powered air purifying and supplied air respirator systems. It provides better view with reduced curvature for decreasing the reflections and glare. It has premium reusable suspension feature that allows users to modify the airflow distribution inside the hood to suit comfort needs. It features quick release swivel connection by that the breathing tube can be quickly removed with only one hand by squeezing the tube clips.

3M MD/LG Polyurethane Coated Knitted Nylon S-Series

SKU: S-533L
  • 3M Medium/Large Polyurethane Coated Knitted Nylon S-Series Versaflo White High Durability Hood With Integrated Head Suspension
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