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This 55 gallon drum kit is ideal for medium-sized spills. It’s easy to open lever lock makes our 55 gallon drum spill kit the perfect choice to ensure readiness and a fast response to any spill. The spill kit is the perfect size for most industrial response applications. Each kit absorbs approximately 40 gallons of fluids.


• Lever-lock 55 gallon drum meets UN specifications
• Absorbs up to 38 gallons per kit
• Reusable drum: 24” Dia. x 37” H
• Available with universal, oil-only and hazmat absorbents.



50-15×18 pads

4-3”x12’ socks

8-18”x18” pillows

5-disposal bags

1 pair goggles

1 pair nitrile gloves

1-Emergency Handbook

55 Gallon Universal Spill Kit

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