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Allegro A300 Ambient Oil-Less Air Pump has metal base with powder coated housing and can be operated on pressures ranging from 2 - 12 psig. Air pump includes adjustable pressure relief valve as well as single quick-connect OBAC air fitting for connecting the air hose on the outlet and is ideal to use for painting, spray foam and metal finishing applications. It is a rotary vane compressor that can supply breathing air to a mask or hood. It has 40 micron inlet filter and 0.30 micron exhaust HEPA inline filter. It uses rotary vane technology that does not require internal lubrication. It meets UL recognized, CSA certification.

Allegro Model A300 Oil-Less Ambient Air Pump

SKU: 9806
  • Allegro Model A300 Oil-Less Ambient Air Pump
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