Ansell Dura-Touch 9" Powder-Free Medium Clear Disposable Glove of 5 mil thickness is best suited for catering and food service, lab work and analyses when resistance against acids is needed, laboratory work, light-duty maintenance and cleanup. It features smooth finish and is constructed from premium quality PVC for longer life span while delivers "bare hand" dexterity and sensitivity. It is perfect when economical hand/product protection is required and compOnet materials comply with FDA regulations for food contact.

Ansell Med. Clear 9" Dura-Touch 3 mil PVC PF Gloves

SKU: 34-725-M
  • Ansell Medium Clear 9" Dura-Touch 3 mil PVC Ambidextrous Powder-Free Disposable Gloves With Smooth Finish, Rolled Beaded Cuff And Polymer Coating