Ansell NeoTouch Bright Green Powder Free Neoprene Single Use Small Glove of size 9 1/2" offers ultimate flexibility and is ideal for lab work and analyses, especially when resistance to acids is required. Disposable glove is a unique combination of prevention and comfort towards allergy and is the perfect solution to safeguard workers from type I allergies. It is suitable for pharmaceutical and chemical industries and delivers larger protective surface area against exposure to acids, bases and alcohols. It endeavors convenience same like latex offering high level of safety and features better continuity with protective cloThin while it is easy to use and recognize. Glove is textured at the fingertips for secure Gripin wet/dry condition and consists polyurethane inner coating that assures easy donning.

Ansell Sm. Green NeoTouch 5.1 mil Latex-Free PE/Neoprene Polymer Chemical

SKU: 25-101-S
  • Ansell Small Green Green NeoTouch5.1 mil Latex-Free Polyurethane/Neoprene Polymer Chemical And Liquid Single Use Beaded/Rolled