The new INTERCEPT Cutresistance yarn has been tested to perform at or exceed industry standards. This Ansell proprietary technology offers Bestin-class Cutprotection and increased comfort and dexterity. Experience the optimum balance of protection, comfort and dexterity with HyFlex?gloves. Ergonomically designed, they blend quality performance with precision handling. These gloves are engineered to provide protection against Cut, abrasions and punctures in addition to Gripproperties for handling materials in light oil or dry applications. They also deliver varying levels of liquid repellency and a variety of special properties, while offering dexterity and comfort.

Ansell Sz 11 HyFlex INTERCEPT Techology Cut Resistant Gloves

SKU: 11-727-11
  • Ansell Size 11 HyFlex 15Gauge INTERCEPT Technology CutResistant Gloves With Polyurethane Coated Palm