Ansell Polar Bear PawGard X-Large Gray WhiteCutResistant Gloves feature Tuff-Cuff? anti-shrink cuff construction. Heavyweight gloves offer close, comfortable fit and are suitable for many knife hand and some offhand applications. Gloves can be used in kill and processing areas, beef/pork/poultry/fish processing. Gloves are ideal for cleaning and changing stationary slicer blades in delis as well as supermarkets. Gloves are suitable for slash protection, canning, fruit and vegetable processing. Gloves meet ANSI 4 Abrasion, ASTM-ISEA Level 5Cutresistance standards.

Ansell XL Gray & WhitePolar BearawGard Med Duty Cut Resistant Gloves

SKU: 74-048-XL
  • Ansell X-Large Gray And WhitePolar Bear PawGard Medium Duty CutResistant Gloves With Extended Tuff-Cuff? And DSM Dyneema Lined