Niru Cushion-Ease Solid is a high performance modular anti-fatigue matting system made with a 100% Nitrile rubber compound. Providing unmatched durability and performance in harsh environments, the Nitrile rubber offers greater resistance to a variety of commonly found caustic chemicals, cutting fluids, animal fats, oils, and greases. The solid-top version has a textured surface for added traction and is easy to sweep clean. All Cushion-Ease mats have a male/female interlocking system and are compatible with NoTrax M.D. Ramps for easy on-site custom configurations and trip-resistant platforms. Niru Cushion-Ease Solid mats can be combined with other Cushion-Ease family products.

3' X 3' Black 3/4" Nitrile Rubber Niru Cushion Ease Solid

  • Superior Manufacturing 3' X 3' Black 3/4" Nitrile Rubber Niru Cushion-Ease Solid Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat