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MSA Flexi-Filters P100 Filter Pad compatible with Advantage  series air purifying respirator is suitable for a variety of applications and industries where particulate aerosols and nuisance odors exist. Filter pad featuring swept-back design and low profile make it great for use under welding hoods or any TIGht spot where a respirator must be worn. Swept-back design makes it Easy to see your work, while rendering balance/weight distribution to assist maintain a comfortable and secure face seal. Finger tabs provided gives Easy installation and removal to help prevent possible filter damage, which could reduce expected protection. Low breathing resistance filter features multi-layer construction for high filter durability and a spark-resistant cover. The filter fits perfectly below a welding hood and keeps the respirator face seal intact. Filter pad finds its application in Asbestos Abatement, sanding and grinding, welding and painting.

MSA Flexi-Filter? P100 Filter Pad

SKU: 818342
  • MSA Flexi-Filter? P100 Filter Pad
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