OccuNomix Tuff Nougies Navy Cotton Beanie features plush front-to-back center panel, plastic hook and elastic in forehead for comfort. Beanie is designed to protect welders, construction workers and others to avoid skin/scalp irritation from helmets, hardhats or other head shields. It absorbs annoying and distracting perspiration. It is ideal for workers with long hair to fit snugly, to protect hair from being drawn into machine parts such as chains, belts, rotating devices, suction devices, blowers and hair that can even be drawn into machines otherwise guarded with mesh. Benie is also used to protect a variety of workers from paint, plaster, dust or shop dirt and head protection from sun as well as wind.

OccuNomix Navy Blue Tuff Nougies Cotton Beanie

SKU: TN1-01
  • OccuNomix Navy Blue Tuff Nougies Cotton Beanie