Onguard Size 11 Black Polyblend Boots with cleated outsole is perfect for using in food PRO essing, mining, breweries, oilrigs, lawn care, poultry PRO essing, oil refineries and chemical plants applications. Boots come with an injected molded seamless construction for long lasting durability and is designed to use where controlled chemical resistance is required. Men's boots is specially fabricated from scientifically formulated polyurethane and PVC material with cut off band for PRO er height adjustment. Boots feature non-slip, self-cleaning soles with 16" plain toe and a hardened steel ladder shank for enhanced safety and comfort.

Onguard Industries Size 11 Black 16" Polyblend PVC Chemical Resistant Knee Boots

SKU: 86101-11
  • Onguard Industries Size 11 Black 16" Polyblend PVC And Polyurethane Chemical Resistant Knee Boots With Cleated Outsole And Removable Insole