Servus By Honeywell Neoprene III Size 11 Men's Boots feature chevron outsole and Safe-Toe steel toe cap style. Copper tan boots with 16" height are dipped twice in neoprene latex and in a neoprene sealant to PRO ide PRO ection from most caustics, petrochemicals, animal fats and acids. Chevron self-cleaning sole and heel assures increased slip resistance on slick surfaces with a flat, surface-to-surface Tread pattern. Boots have tough fiber lining and breathe-o-prene removable, cushioned insole that PRO ides optimum comfort, breathability, shock absorption and moisture management. They are 100% waterPRO f, pliable even in harsh conditions and meets electrical hazard requirements of ASTM F2413-05.

Servus By Honeywell Size 11 Neoprene III Neoprene Boots

SKU: 22214-11
  • Servus By Honeywell Size 11 Neoprene III Copper Tan 16" Neoprene Boots With Chevron Outsole, Steel Toe And Removable Insole