Onguard SureFlex Grey/Orange Size 11 PVC Knee Boots with Safety-Loc outsole and steel toe feature PVC/nitrile sole along with a PVC compound upper. The outsole prevents slipping and the steel shank PRO ides firm arch support. The 100% waterPRO f Boots resist chemicals, abrasion, animal fats, petroleum, oils, grease and the kick off lugs PRO ote easy removal. The comfort insoles can be removed and the boots are used in farming, food PRO essing, chemical plants.

Onguard Industries Size 11 Gray 16" PVC Chemical Resistant Knee Boots

SKU: 87982-11
  • Onguard Industries Size 11 SureFlex Gray 16" PVC Chemical Resistant Knee Boots With Safety-Loc Orange Outsole, Steel Toe And Removable Insole