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DBI/SALA 6' Shockwave 2 Arc Flash Shock Absorbing Lanyard is perfect for welding applications with the ExoFit XP arc flash and Delta II arc flash harnesses to meet the arc flash standard of ASTM F887-05. Lanyard includes an easy to use self-locking snap hooks at both ends whose electric arc is tested to 40 cal/ and has a Nomex/Kevlar tubular webbing outer jacket with impact indicator to visually inspect unit for a fall. Arc flash lanyard is able to contract up to 4 1/2' in reaction to user movements that minimizes trip fall hazards, dragging and snagging for complete freedom of movement.

DBI 6' Shockwave 2 2" Web Single Leg Shock Absorbing Lanyard

SKU: 1244610
  • DBI/SALA 6' Shockwave 2 2" Nomex/Kevlar Web Single-Leg 100% Tie-Off Shock-Absorbing Lanyard With Snap Hook
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