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DBI/SALA 8' Rollgliss Synthetic Rescue Ladder comes complete with three connecting carabineers enabling fast and easy anchorage to structure. Ladder features staggered Step instead of straight across making climbing fast and easy. Ladder rungs are rigid and reinforced, eliminating stress on the knees and feet during climbing. It is available in 8' sections and extra sections can be added to lengthen for specific site requirements. Ladder is synthetic and lightweight making transportation and storage fast and easy. Ladder includes an optional anchorage plate which is ideal for confined space entry systems. It is applicable in construction, confined space, mine access, rigging, oil and gas, scaffolding, roofing and general industry.

DBI 8' Rollgliss Synthetic Rescue Ladder

SKU: 8516294
  • DBI/SALA 8' Rollgliss Synthetic Rescue Ladder With (3) Connecting Carabiners And Carrying Bag
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