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DBI/SALA UCL Advanced 5 Pc Hoist System with rated 450 lb capacity is designed for manhole and confined space entry/retrieval applications. This 100 lb system includes 12" - 29" adjustable offset upper mast, 30" lightweight lower mast, 3 Pc lightweight base and winch mounting brackets. Davit arm pivots 180 deg for ease of rescue and 5000 lb fall arrest anchor point located at end of upper mast. 37"- 64" Adjustable lower base with inside leg disassembles and collapses without tools into 3 components for transport and storage. It is constructed from lightweight materials including high-strength aluminum and meets ANSI, OSHA standards.

DBI Advanced UCL Series 5-Piece Aluminum Hoist System

SKU: 8518000
  • DBI/SALA Advanced UCL Series 5-Piece Aluminum Hoist System (Includes 8518001 12-29" Adjustable Offset Upper Mast, 8518002 30" Lightweight Lower Mast, (3) 8518005 Lightweight Base And Winch Mounting Brackets)
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