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DBI/SALA Universal Size Vest Style Full Body Harness is lightweight at 2.7 lb for mobility and features a back D-ring for connection to Fall Protection system. Harness features adjustable non-slip chest straps designed for comfort and stability. The straps are color-coded for easy donning along with the leg straps utilize tongue buckles for accurate adjustability and a custom fit. Parachute buckles on lower shoulder straps for instant and effortless adjustment. polyester-webbing construction for long durability and gives better resistance to sunlight as well as chemical degradation. It has optional Delta comfort pad (9501207) and Velcro attachment for wrap-around comfort. Harness incorporates tongue buckle leg straps and plated hardware for corrosion resistance.

DBI Universal Delta No-Tangle Full Body/Vest Style Harness

SKU: 1102000
  • DBI/SALA Universal Delta No-Tangle Full Body/Vest Style Harness With Back D-Ring And Tongue Leg Strap Buckle
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