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Gatorade 51 oz Glacier Freeze Instant Powder Pouch Electrolyte Drink has special thirst-quenching blend which is scientifically proven to maintain blood glucose levels, while providing energy to working muscles during activity. Easy to carry Gatorade powder contains carbohydrates and electrolytes to energize rapid fluid absorption and to gain lost fluids and electrolytes quickly. The balance of carbohydrates is research proven to provide unmatched energy to working muscles for better performance. It is easy to prepare and one Pack gives you a six gal of Gatorade to drink. Lightweight Gatorade powder can be stored at high temperatures and it helps to overcome dehydration, hyperthermia and muscle exhaustion during extended physical strain, sold as 14 per case.

Gatorade 51 Oz. Instant Powder Concentrate Pack Glacier Freeze

SKU: 33676
  • Gatorade 51 Ounce Instant Powder Concentrate Pack Glacier Freeze Electrolyte Drink - Yields 6 Gallons (14 Pack s Per Case)