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Justrite EcoPolyBlend 959 mm X 867 mm X 139 mm Spill Tray with absorbency of 87 ltr features polyethylene construction for excellent chemical resistance. It features a ribbed bottom and ideal for service temperature between -30 to 12 deg F. It is perfect for catching and containing drips and leaks from small equipment, vehicle batteries or pouring and filling activities.

Justrite 37 3/4" X 34" X 5 1/2" Black Lightweight Low-Pro Spill Tray

SKU: 28718
  • Justrite 37 3/4" X 34" X 5 1/2" EcoPolyBlend Black Recycled Polyethylene Lightweight Low-Profile Spill Tray With 23 Gallon Spill Capacity
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