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Kimberly-Clark Professional* WYPALL* 12 1/2" X 16 4/5" White X80 Wiper is made of soft pulp fibers bonded to a polypropylene base sheet for durability, absorbency and tear resistance. Wiper with HYDROKNIT* technology is ideal for wiping machines and parts, wiping up metal shavings, prepping surfaces with solvents as well as cleaning rough surfaces. Disposable reusable wiper is also suitable for removing oil, grease, grime and working with solvents. Wiper comes in a dispenser box with 2 parallel pop-up holes to provide access to the individual wipes.

KC Professional* WYPALL* SHOPPRO 12 1/2" X 16 4/5" White HYDROKNIT*

SKU: 41044
  • Kimberly-Clark Professional* WYPALL* X80 SHOPPRO 12 1/2" X 16 4/5" White HYDROKNIT* Quarter Fold Wiper (160 Per Brag Box)
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