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MSA PremAire Cadet Supplied-Air Respirator made up of medium Hycar rubber has durable polycarbonate lens and provides longer-duration air supply when used with a compressor. Type-C respirator includes a 42" IP hose, snap-tite AL fittings, net head harness and Advantage 4000 facepiece with push-to-connect Firehawk MMR regulator that responds quickly to changing breathing requirements. Respirator that provides on-demand respiratory protection maintains a positive pressure of air during both inhalation and exhalation to avoid contamination of the facepiece. Cadet respirator is ideal for chemical and petrochemical processing industries, municipal utilities, general industries, asbestos and lead paint abatement applications. It can also be used for pharmaceutical applications, for hazardous materials clean-up work and in non-IDLH environments.

MSA PremAire Cadet Supplied Air Respirator

SKU: 10081099
  • MSA PremAire Cadet Supplied Air Respirator With Medium Hycar Rubber Advantage 4000 Facepiece, Net Head Harness, Push-To-Connect Firehawk MMR, 42" IP Hose, Snap-Tite AL Fittings
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