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Capture concrete washout in portable and economical berm.


Concrete is likely to be found at any construction site. And when concrete is poured, tools, trucks, and chutes need to be cleaned. The Ultra-Concrete Washout Berm provides an inexpensive and convenient solution to capture the washout created onsite.

Once the washout has dried out and solidified, it can typically be disposed of as regular waste.


Available in multiple sizes, the Ultra-Concrete Washout Berm can help ensure that every construction site, regardless of size, can stay in compliance.


Product Highlights

  • Heavy-duty, rugged construction - designed to contain heavy loads and stand up to the elements.
  • Special water & oil coating help provide extended life and reusability.
  • Heavy-duty, 6 mil liner (included) installs quickly - helps contain washout.
  • Specially designed slotted edges “lock” liner in place and keeps it secure.
  • Chemically-resistant materials are compatible with concrete washout, paint waste and other construction materials.
  • Helps comply with EPA regulations.
  • Designed to fold flat for efficient and inexpensive shipping and storage.


Dimensions: 48 x 48 x 15 (1219.2 x 1219.2 x 381)

Containment Capacity: 140 Gallons

Weight: 9 Lbs.

Ultra-Concrete® Washout Berm Economy Model, 48" x 48" x 15"

SKU: 3516
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