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Ultra-Spill Pallet Economy Models have been developed specifically to meet tight budgets for spill containment products. Effective spill containment doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The Ultra-Spill Pallet – Economy Model was designed to help meet spill containment regulations without breaking the bank. By using recycled resin, we are able to make these spill pallets more economically and pass the savings on to our customers. Two models are available with a maximum capacity of 2 or 4 drums. The drain option allows any spilled contents to be easily removed.

By storing 55-gallon drums (or other size containers) of hazardous material on our pallet, you can rest assured any incidental leaks or drips, as well as any spills, will be captured in the 66-gallon sump. The all-polyethylene 2′ x 4′ grating keeps drums above any spills and is easily removed to help facilitate clean-up. Both models can easily be moved, relocated, or transported with a pallet jack or forklift. An optional ramp is available with the 4-drum model for easier loading, unloading, and drum handling.


Product Highlights

  • 2-drum and 4-drum spill pallet models available.
  • Applications for the all-polyethylene units include satellite waste collection and storage of virgin chemicals.
  • Black color helps hide dirt and grime.
  • Removable grating makes clean-up quick and easy.
  • The first recycled spill pallet on the market!

Constructed with the "Cross of Life” Design

Innovative “Cross of Life” design protects the pallet’s structural integrity during heavy loads over time. As more weight is applied to the top of the pallet, the Cross of Life design draws the all-polyethylene sides towards the center instead of allowing them to sag outwards.


Dimensions: 53 x 29 x 16.5

Weight Capcity: 1200 Lbs

Spill Capacity:  66 Gallons

Weight: 63 Lbs




Ultra-Spill Pallet® Economy Model, 2 Drum Without Drain

SKU: 2504
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