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Business Safety Wear

We Love What We Do...  
Seriously, Making You Happy Makes Us Happy.


Our beliefs make us different

The client is pivotal to our growth. Without you, we don't have a profitable business. It’s plain and simple.  We are addicted to helping our clients meet their needs. We know your business is not something that is freely given, it's earned.  We work for a living and believe in earning business, not by doing what's easy but rather by doing what's right.  We hope you'll give us the opportunity to show you this first hand.  We believe in building relationships, not customers. 

Here's what we do

We supply a wide range of exceptional safety and industrial supplies to exceptional clients who preform exceptional work.  


This is how we started

Bayshore Safety & Industrial Supplies started when the founder realized clients could be offered an easier, more personable way of doing business.  The goal is to be different than the existing large-corporations by cutting the red tape and embedded systems they have set in place which benefit their own company while hindering the contractors’ (your) needs.  


Our growth

Bayshore Safety & Industrial Supplies is a fast-growing company focusing on offering quick product solutions to a wide variety of commercial and industrial contractors.  We strive to keep competitive price points, have extensive product knowledge, and access to very large variety of supplies and services.  This has lead us to a wonderful point of growth, built on a foundation that serves an extremely happy clientele who rely on us for navigating and sourcing their supply needs.  "If we're not helping people solve their problems on a daily basis, we're not doing our jobs."


Our commitment to you                                                       

To give our clients the same personal service that we want to receive. 

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