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Hearing Protection

Avoid Audio

Trauma With the

Appropriate Hearing Protection.


Having the appropriate hearing protection can mark the difference between comfortable safety and an uncomfortable injury. Hearing protection is incredibly important, even if many people don't realize it. Hearing loss can build up over time before fully manifesting long after an employee has left their place of business. For the sake of both employee and business owner, consideration must be made for the purchase of appropriate hearing protection.


Hearing loss can begin to present when an individual is faced with constant noise exceeding 85 decibels for a period of at least eight hours. It is easy to see how this could present such a serious problem for people who work in industrial situations. In order to prevent serious hearing damage, you are going to want to purchase hearing protection from a company like Bayshore Safety & Industrial Supplies. From corded earplugs to over-ear earmuffs, you need to make sure that you have the right hearing protection for the job!

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