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Protective Clothing

The Right Protective

Clothing Keeps You

Safe At Work.

Sometimes a uniform is more than just a way

to look professional. Sometimes your

uniform behaves as an extension of your

protective clothing. Protective clothing is very important for warehouse and industrial workers, but it isn't always talked about until a situation arises. In order to offset these potential situations, you'll want to shop at Bayshore Safety & Industrial Supplies for all of your protective clothing needs.


Protective clothing comes in a variety of styles for a variety of different applications. If you are working in a dirty area where your clothing can be tossed out, you'll want to consider many of the disposable clothing products available at Bayshore Safety. If you want something for use in a chemically active area, you can purchase Ansell Blue CPP EC products. If you want heat-resistant clothing, that's an option, too!


When it comes time to outfit your employees with the appropriate protective clothing, let Bayshore Safety & Industrial Supplies lead the way.

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