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Fire Equipment


Beat the Heat With the Proper Safety Fire Equipment.

The last thing you want to see at work is a fire. The second-to-last thing that you want to see is a fire that is not under control. While the fire department should be in charge of dealing with all fire emergencies, you can't simply operate without any assistance. As a result, you need to have the appropriate fire equipment on hand in order to address immediate fire emergencies.


In order to keep your company stocked with the appropriate safety fire equipment, you'll want to browse the catalog of products available at Bayshore Safety & Industrial Supplies. Operating out of Pittsburg, CA, Bayshore Safety offers everything you could need in order to maintain a safe and secure working environment.


With regard to safety fire equipment, you'll want to direct your attention toward their lineup of Amerex stored pressure C02 fire extinguishers. You never know when a fire extinguisher could save a life, so make sure you have one on hand!

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