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Portable, lightweight container kit for fast response to small spills. Absorb any type of spill fast with all the best MBT sorbents for quick response. Dispose of the used absorbents in this UN-approved, user-friendly screw-top salvage drum. Align the arrow on the lid and on the panels and be confident the unit is secured.  All spill kits comply with DOT CFR 173.3(c).


• UN approved lab pack
• Absorbs up to 15 gallons per kit
• 21” Dia. x 18”H



4-3” x 48” socks

25-15” x 18” pads

2-18” x 18” pillows

3-disposal bags with ties

1-pair nitrile gloves

1-pair goggles

Packaged in 20 gallon labpack

20 Gallon Hazmat Spill Kit

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