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3M Blue Portable Air Purification Panel with CO Monitor and 8-outlets has a capacity of 100 CFM and can be operated at temperature ranging from 35  150 deg F. Air purification panel includes an adjustable regulator as well as gauge and can be used in applications such as painting, asbestos abatement, petroleum industries, pharmaceuticals, chemical handling and metal grinding. It is perfect to use in facility safety, maintenance, repair, overhaul operations. It is suggested for the industries such as automotive, food/beverage manufacturing, metal production, military maintenance, repair/operation, mining, oil/gas, pharmaceutical and transportation. It is packaged in a protective carrying case and provides protection for workers.

3M 100 CFM Blue Portable Air Purification Panel

SKU: 256-02-01
  • 3M 100 CFM Blue Portable Air Purification Panel With Carbon Monoxide Monitor And 8-Outlets (For Use With Compressed Air Filter And Regulator)
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