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3M Versaflo S-Series White Standard Hood Assembly with Inner Shroud and Premium Head Suspension is made of nonwoven polypropylene and has a double shroud design for respiratory seal. Hood assembly has an S-950 premium head suspension and can be used in powered air purifying and supplied air respirator systems. It has soft comfort pads that help to provide great fit, stability and tracking. It features wide face seals with soft elastic for improved comfort and reduced airflow noise. It has a great field of view with reduced curvature for decreased reflections as well as glare.

3M Polypropylene S-Series Versaflo White Hood Assembly

SKU: S-657
  • 3M Standard Polypropylene S-Series Versaflo White Hood Assembly With Inner Shroud And Premium Head Suspension (For Use With Certain 3M Powered Air Purifying And Supplied Air Respirator Systems)
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