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The Safewaze 018-5009 single leg unit with an aluminum snap hook is lightweight and has a durable translucent housing that not only looks unique, but protects the internal components from debris and contamination. The housing also makes for easy viewing and inspection of the webbing, reserve line, and pawl assembly.  This unit comes with a steel carabiner



  • 7′ Web retractable
  • Aluminum snap hook
  • High-strength transparent plastic housing for enhanced unit inspection
  • .77 in (19.5 mm) Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Webbing
  • Swivel top for enhanced mobility
  • Product data label incorporated into webbing and protected by cover
  • Revolutionary breaking system that alleviates the need for an external shock pack
  • Includes carabiner

7' Web Retractable with Aluminum Snap Hook

SKU: 018-5009
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