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Amerex 1.75 gal Water Mist Fire Extinguisher with non-magnetic wall bracket operates effectively at the temperature range of 40 - 120 deg F. Extinguisher featuring all metal valve construction has wand that offers maximum operator safety. Stainless steel cylinder extinguisher measuring 19" X 11" X 7" has stored pressure design. Fire extinguisher with large loop stainless steel pull pin features long lasting high gloss polyester powder paint. It has a discharge range of 10 - 12' and discharge time of 72 sec. It offers maximum visibility during discharge. It is thermal or static shockproof and does not conduct electricity back to the operator. Extinguisher has sanitary white paint finish and does not leave powder residue. Water mist is effective for class A fires and where a potential class C hazard exists. It offers safety from electrical shock with fine spray from the misting nozzle. It will enhance the cooling as well as soaking characteristics of the agent and decreases scattering of burning materials. It contains de-ionized water for protection of valuable books and documents, hospital environments, telecommunication facilities and clean room manufacturing facilities. Extinguisher with bar coded and bi-lingual labels can be easily used, maintained and serviced. It is UL listed and complies with NFPA 10 standard.

Amerex 1.75 Gallon De-Ionized Water 2-A:C Water Mist Fire Extinguisher

  • Amerex 1.75 Gallon De-Ionized Water 2-A:C Water Mist Fire Extinguisher For Class A And C Fires With Metal Valve, Non-Magnetic Wall Bracket, Hose And Wand
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