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Amerex 30 Pound Copper Fire Extinguisher with wall mount bracket operates effectively at the temperature range of -40 to 120 deg F. Extinguisher featuring all metal valve construction has unique soft flow extension applicator along with built in long range nozzle. Dependable drawn steel cylinder extinguisher measuring 35" X 13" X 8" has stored pressure design. Fire extinguisher with large loop stainless steel pull pin features special yellow color-coded paint finish that resists corrosion. It has a discharge range of 3 - 6' and discharge time of 18 sec. Extension applicator is designed for fighting class D fires. It helps to keep the operator away from the extreme heat as well as toxic fumes caused by burning material. Non-dispersing application of the agent is provided by easily controlled, even discharge. Applicator can be detached for a straight stream of chemical where greater range, a lobbing effect or a narrow discharge pattern is needed. Extinguisher has a copper extinguishing agent developed by the U.S. Navy to fight lithium and lithium alloy fires. Copper compound puts out the fire and offers an excellent heat sink to dissipate heat. Extinguisher comes with bar coded and bi-lingual labels. It is FM approved and complies with NFPA 10 standard.

Amerex 30 # Stored Pressure Copper Fire Extinguisher

SKU: B571
  • Amerex 30 Pound Stored Pressure Copper Fire Extinguisher For Class D Fires With Chrome Plated Brass Valve, Wall Bracket, Hose, Horn And Wand Applicator
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