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Air Systems DC Axial Canister Fan Ventilation Kit with 15' duct features a rugged duct canister made with polyethylene that is attached securely to the industrial lightweight SVF-8DC steel fan to make the perfect self-contained ventilation package. It offers 1170 cfm free-air delivery and 815 cfm output. It has a voltage rating of 12 VDC and current rating of 19 A. It meets OSHA 29 CFR 1910.303 and 1910.7 electrical certification requirements.

ASI 8" 1170 cfm 1/4 hp 12 Vdc 19 Amps Ventilation Kit

  • Air Systems 8" 1170 cfm 1/4 hp 12 Vdc 19 Amps Polyethylene Ventilation Kit (For Use With Confined Space)
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