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Air Systems International 2-Worker Low Pressure Breathing Air Compressor is compatible with constant flow respirators and can withstand a maximum pressure of 10 psig at the output rate of 9 CFM as well as 4 psig pressure at an output rate of 9.5 CFM. Air pump includes 1 hood style respirator or 2 tight fitting constant flow masks and has a pressure gauge that ranges between 0-30 psig. It comes with prewired switch and plug with an on/off operation. It has a 3/4 Hp electric motor that work with a voltage ranging between 115/208 to 230 VAC and with a power of 12.2/6.1A, frequency 50/60 Hz. It has a single phase that protects it thermally. It has 0.5 - 0.7 micron inlet, compressor filters and is CSA approved.

ASI 9 CFM Low Pressure Breathing Air Compressor

  • Air Systems International 9 CFM Low Pressure Breathing Air Compressor (For Use With Constant Flow Respirators)
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