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Air Systems CVF Style Explosion-Proof Axial Fan Kit includes CVF-8EXP fan, 15' conductive duct, canister and user wired per NEC requirements. The 8" fan with an voltage rating of 115 VAC features 10' power cord, built-in sealed on/off switch, no plug, user wired per NEC requirements and UL/CSA approved explosion-proof motor that is approved for class I, groups C, D, class II, groups E, F as well as G environments. It is perfect for work on boilers, utility and telecommunications companies, electrical transformer repair, open trenching, maintenance, tank cleaning, manhole entry and cleaning tanks.

ASI CVF Style 8" 974 cfm 1/3 hp 115 VAC Canister Fan With 15' Duct

  • Air Systems CVF Style 8" 974 cfm 1/3 hp 115 VAC Contractor Grade Canister Fan With 15' Duct
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