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Combination SpinTec Drench Shower with Halo Eyewash.Halo and SpinTec provide the most consistent distribution of water and the most effective removal of contaminants.Halofeatures: universal activation, self draining spray head, and separate supply and waste. Free Standing Floor Mounting. Plastic Bowl. Galvanized Steel Pipe with BradTect Safety Yellow Coating. Hand Activated. 1-1/4" NPT Water Supply. 1�" Drain Fitting for Eye or Eye/Face Wash. ABS Plastic Showerhead. ABS Plastic Eye or Eye/Face Wash. Universal identification sign and inspection tag included. Complies with ANSI Standard Z358.1 when installed and used properly. Manufacture's limited warranty.

Bradley SpinTec Eye Wash Station

SKU: S19314EW
  • Bradley? SpinTec Eye Wash Station And Shower Plastic Shower Head And Bowl
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