Brady Gray/Red/Yellow Safety PadLock and Tags Electrical Lockut Toolbox Kit affords all the basics to Lockut breakers, electrical plugs, wall switches and fuses. Kit includes a mini cable Lockut, oversized breaker Lockut, 3-in-1 plug Lockut, wall switch Lockut, small fuse bLockut, large fuse bLockut, extra-large Lockut toolbox and red belt pouch. It also features two 120 V snap-on breaker Lockuts, 120/277 V clamp-on breaker Lockuts, 480/600 V clamp-on breaker Lockuts, universal multi-pole breaker Lockuts, cleats for 120/277 V clamp-on Lockut, cleats for 480/600 V clamp-on Lockut, Bradysafety padLock and Lockut tags.

Brady Gray, Red & Yellow Electrical Lockut Toolbox Kit

SKU: 99312
  • Brady Gray, Red And Yellow Electrical Lockut Toolbox Kit Includes (6) Lockuts, (2) Fuse BLockuts, (1) Extra-Large Lockut Toolbox And (1) Cleat

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