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Bullard Hot/Cold Tube Assembly is a as part of Bullard supplied air respirator systems and is used to supply a continuous flow of warm or cool air. Tube includes flow control valve and 1/4" industrial interchange hansen compatible quick disconnect nipple, nylon belt. It is ideal for use w/88, cc20, gr50 and mb30 series respirators with compressed air. It enhances the worker comfort and improves productivity in uncomfortably hot or cold work environments. It converts easily between warm and cool air streams and cools or warms the incoming compressed air by at least 30 deg F. It is approved by NIOSH for use with Bullard continuous flow hood/helmet style respirators.

Bullard Hot/Cold Tube Assembly

SKU: HC2400
  • Bullard Hot/Cold Tube Assembly (Includes 1/4" Industrial Interchange Quick Disconnect Nipple, Adjustable Temperature Control, 4612 Nylon Belt And Heat Shield) (For Use With Compressed Air, 88VX, CC20, RT And GR50 Series Respirators)
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