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BW Technologies by Honeywell MicroDock II Base Station with GasAlertMicroClip XT Module Charger with power supply features quick and easy compliance - automatically maintain accurate records and one base station with one AC outlet supports up to ten modules to suit your application. It includes BW Technologies by Honeywell by Honeywell Fleet Manager software for easy data analysis and multi-language support in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. It has multiple MicroDock II systems that can be connected via a LAN, automatic bump testing, calibration, record keeping and charging. It reduces maintenance costs and verifies proper performance of detectors.

BW Technologies 8.3" X 10.4" X 3.2" MicroDock II Base Station

  • BW Technologies by Honeywell 8.3" X 10.4" X 3.2" MicroDock II Base Station With GasAlertMicroClip XT Module Charger, Power Supply And (2) Gas Inlet And Power Supply
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