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DBI/SALA Glyder 2 Sliding Beam Anchor offers horizontal mobility and tie-off overhead. Anchor fits flange up to 14" wide and 1-1/4" think. Dual beam Grip adjustment of the anchor avoids turning and twisting as it moves along the beam. Anchor eliminates metal-to-metal contact while sliding across the beam on wear pads effortlessly. It features integrated ratcheting adjustment system that offers quick and easy installation as well as removal. Pin retainment system of the anchor avoids loss or damage to locking pins and pins install from top for effortless installation. It consists of replaceable wear pads and unique guarding system that PRO ects anchor from accidental disengagement. Anchor meets all applicable industry standards like ANSI, OSHA and the stringent ANSI Z359.

DBI 19 1/3" Glyder 2 Sliding Aluminum Beam Anchor

SKU: 2104700
  • DBI/SALA 19 1/3" Glyder 2 Sliding Aluminum Beam Anchor
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