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DBI/SALA Concrete Detent Anchor Assembly With Detent Pin, Socket And Cap features an integrated detent push-button to render convenience in immediate anchor installation and removal consequences. It features reusable detent pin assembly with pre-Installed sockets can be used in various locations to render comfortable tie-off points in accordance to the users requirements to PRO ide tremendous flexibility. It contains a cover cap to make sure recess invisibility during non-operation that blending right into the decor. This concrete detent socket and cap is ideally designed for general concrete construction or existing structures that demands regular inspection and maintenance. This lightweight and portable anchor with detent pin lets user to comfortably move from one location to another. It can be installed vertically or overhead into floor, concrete wall or ceiling type to render magnificent versatility. It has a unique forged connection ring with versatile anchor PRO ides compatibility with tie-off point for fall arrest system, shock absorbing lanyards, self-retracting lifelines or as end anchors for a horizontal lifeline system to render magnificent safety. It has an elegant stainless steel design for harsh environments with no fragile parts to foul up renders resistance against corrosion. Rugged concrete detent socket and cap features fall arrest rated 5000 lb anchor point to PRO ide PRO ection against falling consequences.

DBI Concrete Stainless Steel Detent Anchor Assembly

SKU: 2101004
  • DBI/SALA Concrete Stainless Steel Detent Anchor Assembly With Detent Pin, Socket And Cap
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