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DBI/SALA Medium ExoFit Construction Vest Style Harness features side D-rings for enhanced convenience and adaptability while possess 3-D mesh lining with soft edging for comfort. It has built-in shoulder, leg and hip padding and possesses hardware which is coated for corrosion resistance while features a breathable Dri-Lex? lining that instantly receives moisture away from the body keeping the worker dry and convenient all day long. Harness is made of high performance materials from technology-intensive, safety minded industries featuring mountaineering, scuba diving, sky diving, shoe manufacturing and the military. It consists augmented tongue buckle leg straps and seat straps while possess wrap around No-Tangle PRO ile that slips on like a vest, making it quicker and easier to put on while PRO iding ventilation, comfort, padding and security. Harness has adjustable non-slip chest strap with perceptive quick connect buckle and features soft, lightweight polyester webbing that is strong without feeling arthritic or coarse while torso buckles adjust effortlessly and hold the straps stiffly in place and complete the 5 point adjustment system. ExoFit with Lycra? edging moves with you avoiding uncomfortable rubbing or chafing enhancing comfort and maneuverability. It meets or exceeds ANSI Z359.1, ANSI A10.14 and OSHA standards and features a memory fit that adjusts the harness once and it stays that way while finds its basic applications in fall arrest and restraint.

DBI Med. ExoFit Construction Full Body Vest Harness

SKU: 1108501
  • DBI/SALA Medium ExoFit Construction/Full Body/Vest Style Harness With Back And Side D-Ring, Belt With Sewn-In Pad, Quick Connect Chest And Leg Strap Buckle And Built-In Comfort Padding
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