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DBI/SALA Medium Rope Bag With 40 Lite Capacity. Born in the mines, raised on drilling rigs rescue PRO ucts made for work, not play. Capital Safety? Rollgliss rescue family of PRO ucts are built to last and excel in harsh environments, ensuring the safety and security of those individuals risking their lives to PRO ect us. Our RopeCraft? range of rope bags are designed to PRO ect your rope from dirt, rain, abrasive particles and sunlight that reduce their strength and performance. Built tough to stand up to the harshest of environments our rope bags will not only PRO ide PRO ection and aid in deployment, they will also increase the service life of your valuable rope while ensuring they are always ready for transportation and use.

DBI Med. Rope Bag w/ 40 Lite Capacity

SKU: 8700222
  • DBI/SALA Medium Rope Bag With 40 Lite Capacity
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