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DBI/SALA PRO ecta Harness includes 5 point harness, single-leg shock-pack lanyard with 3600 lb Hooks and bag. Compliance-In-A-Can Light kits feature designs that include imPRO ed fit, updated colors and durable lightweight construction. Protecta gear offers greater comfort and extra safety which translates to reduced worker fatigue and increased PRO uctivity. Each and every Protecta lanyard now features 3600 lb gated hooks meeting ANSI Z359.

DBI PRO ecta Compliance-In-A-Can Fall Protection Kit

SKU: 2199808
  • DBI/SALA PRO ecta Compliance-In-A-Can Fall Protection Kit (Includes 1191995 First Harness With Pass-Thru Buckle Legs And 5-Point Adjustment, 1341001 PRO 6' Single-Leg Shock Absorbing Lanyard And Carry Bag, 3600 lb Hooks)
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