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DBI/SALA Saflok Reusable Toggle Anchor is compatible with precast concrete, precast hollow core concrete and in steel flanges has a tie-off point to PRO ide PRO ection in fall arrest system, work positioning system, restraint, personnel riding system and rescue system. It features an anchor toggle bar that rotates after being inserted through a 3/4" mounting hole to PRO ide a safe and secure anchor point. It features a spring with the hole plug to rotate the toggle bar renders convenience in immediate anchor removal consequences. It is also compatible for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. It has a toggle position indicator that make sure the anchors PRO er positioning in the hole with two anchor that can be used as the endpoints for a horizontal lifeline system. It renders tremendous versatility for both concrete and steel applications in prescribed locations. It complies with all relevant industry standards such as OSHA and ANSI Z359.1. It renders easy and efficient installation taking just seconds using standard tools. It lets you to drill a 3/4" hole with rotary hammer to pull up on the hole plug till it is fully retracted along with insertion of anchor into hole until plug PRO erly seats against surface. It allows you to pull on the D-ring to render PRO er positioning to the anchor lets fast anchor release by simply pushing the D-ring down towards the hole plug can be pull up on the hole plug prepare to move in accordance to the users NEX location.

DBI Saflok Reusable Aluminum & Steel Toggle Anchor

SKU: 2100101
  • DBI/SALA Saflok Reusable Aluminum And Steel Toggle Anchor
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