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DBI/SALA Universal Delta II Full Body Harness with Quick Connect Buckle Legs features parachute buckles on lower shoulder straps for quick and easy adjustment. Color coded quick-connect leg buckles make it easy to put on and fit every time. Harness No-Tangle design adds for comfort and easy donning. Spring loaded stand-up back D-ring ensures fast, easy and safe connections. polyester-webbing construction for enhanced durability while plated hardware is resistant to corrosion. Adjustable non-slip chest straps are designed for comfort and stability. The extra padding on the shoulders distributes the weight and keeps the pressure off, even when wearing heavy tool belts. Harness pad now incorporates an integrated spring loaded "stand-up" dorsal D-ring. Quick connect buckles are truly intuitive, fast, efficient and totally secure.

DBI Universal Delta No-Tangle Full Body/Vest Style Harness

SKU: 1110600
  • DBI/SALA Universal Delta No-Tangle Full Body/Vest Style Harness With Back D-Ring And Tech-Lite Quick Connect Leg Strap Buckle
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