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EAGLE 1600SL 30-gallon lab pack with screw-top lid is constructed of high density polyethylene - incinerates completely, and is chemical resistant to most materials. This drum is United Nations certified to HM-181 (1H2/X120/S) and HM-181 (1H2/Y180/S) and meets DOT 49 CFR 173.12(b) requirements. Screw-on lid with gasket provides a positive seal and makes it ideal as an easy access, weatherproof spill kit container. MODEL 1600SL SPECIFICATIONS: CAPACITY: 30 gallons WEIGHT: 14 lbs. DIMENSIONS: 21.125" x 28.5" UN MARKING: 1H2/X120/S 1H2/Y180/S

Eagle Haz-Mat 30 Gal Containment Lab Pack

SKU: 1600SL
  • Eagle Haz-Mat 30 Gallon Polyethylene Containment Lab Pack With Screw Lid 21 1/8" X 28 1/2"
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