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Fend-all Portable Eyewash Station with 26 L capacity provides 100% sterile saline solution which is free of contaminants, bacteria, corrosives and pollutants. Eyewash station with an ergonomic design produces an alarm sound upon both activation and completion. It assures a contaminant-free rinsing environment to minimize further injury and meets ANSI 15 min requirement. Sleek eyewash station includes easy-view side windows to check sterile solution expiration date and key contact information. Sterile saline solution adheres to FDA requirements for providing sterile eyewash solution in self-contained emergency eyewash stations. It allows quick and easy maintenance without No triggers while saving time as well as money on replacements and frequent inspections.

Fend-all Portable Sterile Eye Wash Unit

SKU: 32-002000-0000
  • Fend-all Portable Sterile Eye Wash Unit For 2000 Series Eye Wash Station
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